I'm Maggie
Nice to meet you!

I'm a User Experience Designer (with research experience)
who enjoys building end-to-end digital experiences and help foster design communities.

I have 4+ years of experience working with B2B, B2C, web, and mobile products in the Retail/E-Commerce, FinTech, and AgroScience industry.

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My Design Values

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Align all necessary stakeholders and teammates to formulate how to best move forward.


Seek to understand whom you're designing for; you can't solve for problems you don't truly understand.


Always learning, and finding new ways to grow. Focusing on providing value everywhere I go.


Validate and test with your customers along the way. Keep them close to the design process as you move further along.

My day to day

In my day-to-day, I lead design decisions, balance business goals and engineering constraints, while advocating for human-centered design. I have experience working with agile teams - collaborating with UX Researchers, UI and UX Designers, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Developers, and other stakeholders.

On the side, I'm continuously working on becoming a better speaker, helping shape our UX community, and experimenting with new technologies. In my spare time, you can find me experimenting in the kitchen, cuddling with my dogs, traveling around the globe, or finding beauty in random places.

On a mission

My mission is to use human-centered design to create and enhance experiences that shape how we interact with technology. There's nothing more satisfying than diving into a problem and improving a customer's experience.


I try to show up from a place of openness and playfulness - which applies to almost every aspect of my life. It’s important for me to pay it forward by being a mentor and educator in the UX community.